Are you ready to keep your toddler busy enjoying learning?

What? Is that even possible? We think so! 

In fact, our goal is to help you keep your toddler busy learning with engaging and educational printables that you can print on-demand, to enhance each early learning experience.

Tired of searching the inter-webs for early learning printables that educate and entertain?

You are in the right place. We do the heavy lifting creating preschool and kindergarten printables so that you save time and energy for hands-on learning activities. 

Trace Letter A

Alphabet Tracing Printables

26 sets of alphabet pages that are 12 pages each to help with abc recognition, tracing, word association. 

Tracing Numbers Printables

Number Tracing Printables

Practice coloring, drawing, and tracing numbers 1-10. Not ready to write? No worries, paint with qtips!

beginner reading UG

Beginner Reader Printables

3-page printables that target short vowel sounds and enhance reading comprehension.

Do we want to replace printables with hands-on learning? No.

We know that learning that involves all the senses trumps worksheets. That’s why our printables are great ways to introduce lessons and act as complementary resources for hands-on activities. We value resources that help toddlers learn.