beginner reading UG

Who say's learning to read has to be boring?

If I gave you a sheet of javascript code on a sheet of plain white paper, how exciting would that be?

I’m betting – you’d be overwhelmed and confused (unless you are coder). 

I imagine that is what children experience when they are first learning to read from books with dozens of words on dozens of pages.

So, I put myself in my toddler’s shoes and created beginner reader resources that make learning to read an enjoyable experience that is concise, engaging, and effective!

Now, I’m sharing my creations you.

Grab the 5-pack Beginner Reader Printable Bundle Today.

Each reader set is 3-pages that includes:

1. A list of words with a common ending or vowel sound.

2. A simple sentence/sing song that puts the new from part one into context.

3. An activity page that completes the lesson.


The result: A preschooler who gains confidence reading!!

The 5-Pack Beginner Reader Bundle is on sale for $14.99 today!!

This is a digital product. Nothing will be shipped to you. When you make your purchase, your download will be sent to you via email.


Hi, I’m Tiffany. Before, I was a homeschooling mom entrepreneur, I was a career focused chemist. The years I imagined I’d be trying to climb the corporate ladder are now dedicated to being a mom, homemaker, and digital creator. I wouldn’t change this journey for anything in the world!



Mom + Masters of Family Life and Youth Development, BA Psychology, BSc Biology (m -Chemistry), TEFL certified, TEFL Young Learners Certificate earned in Prague.