Some products are for helping you teach. Our products are for helping children learn and igniting curiosity.

Here’s the thing, you were taught things you never learned.🤯


Sure, you may have been able to use your short-term memory to regurgitate the answers on quizzes or tests but how has those experiences served you?


Instead of teaching resources, we want to provide you with toddler-friendly learning resources (resources that lead to an expanded understanding and a desire to know more). 💡


That’s right! We pulled together five of our favorite printable bundles to help you transform your toddler’s early learning experiences from boring worksheets to hands-on experiences that engage the mind and body.

Meet The Bundles…


Learn the alphabet printable bundle

Our  ABC Tracing Printable Bundle is a collection of 312 pages (12 pages for each letter/6 pages for each tracing formats) of letter recognition, letter tracing, letter play-doh mat, and word association pages. 

$9.99 Value


Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Our  Scavenger Hunt Printable Bundle is a collection of  seven (7) scavenger hunts that can easily be used to keep your toddler moving and searching for letters, animals, cars, and more!

$4.99 Value


Learn numbers 1-10

Our Number Learning Printable Bundle is a fruity mash-up of number tracing and coloring for tots ready to practice and learn numbers 1-10!

$4.99 Value


Bucket List Printables

Our Bucket List Printable Bundle is a collection of bucket lists for each month of the year. We use them to plan family activities and keep track of priority milestones every ~30 days. It’s a reminder to get things done and to reset often!

$5.99 Value


Learn Fruits and Vegetables Kids

Our Garden Activity Printable Bundle is a collection fruit and vegetable themed activities to help your tot learn about produce without boring flashcards. Confession – This was our latest unit study and it was a blast.  😉

$9.99 Value


Autumn Lacing Printables

Finally, you’ll be added to our email list where you’ll get first dibs on free printables, new products, and supplementary themed/unit study printables. We’re currently featuring Autumn-themed printables for tots.

Long-Term Value = Priceless

Wow! 6 Resources. 300+ Pages.1 Low Price!

When you invest, you get…

  • The ABC Tracing Printable Bundle (312 pages)
  • The Scavenger Hunt Printable Bundle (7 pages of hunts)
  • The Number Learning Printable Bundle (10 pages)
  • The Bucket List Printable Bundle (12 pages)
  • The Garden Activity Printable Bundle (25+ pages)
  • Access to Autumn Themed Printables and more via the email list!

Just $14.99


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