Early Learning Resources

Below you will find products that we recommend to help you turn printables into learning masterpieces. This is not a sponsored shop; however, many of the product links are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, we receive a small commission when you use our links to make your purchases. Thank you for your support.

Clear Sheet Protectors

These sheets are great for keeping printables organized in a binder and reusable. 

Dry Erase Markers

These thin markers are great for writing on clear sheet protectors and laminated printables. They wipe clean easily and keep things fun and colorful.

3-Ring Binders

Multiple binders are great for keeping printables organized by topic, season, themes, or activities. 

Thermal Laminator

This thermal laminator is great for protecting printables for multiple uses.

Laminating Pouches

These laminating pouches protect printables from spills, stains, and tears.

Kid Safe Scissors

These kid safe scissors are great for kids to use for cutting out images, words, or numbers used in printable activities.

Velcro Dots

These velcro dots are great for sticking cutouts on printables for hands on learning.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is a great glue alternative that has multiple uses including printable crafts. 

Lacing Strings

This set of colorful lacing strings can be used with printable crafts that involve lacing for fine motor skill development.

3 Hole Puncher

This 3 hole puncher is nice to have for building your printable bundle. Especially for those laminated sheets.

Single Hole Puncher

This single hole puncher is great for punching individual holes in printable craft projects such as lacing.

Construction Paper

Add some color to your printables with this multi-color construction paper pack.