The Travel Printable Bundle



Get your travel printables here! Six travel checklists to help you plan an epic getaway without stress. Printable checklist in the bundle include:

  • Where to go? (Choosing your destination)
  • How to get a passport (Step-by-Step instructions for US Citizens needing a passport to travel internationally)
  • Book the flights (Everything to consider when booking a flight out of town)
  • Secure accommodations (Tips for securing comfortable hotels and rentals)
  • Pack your bags (A list of items to ensure you have packed in your bags)
  • Don’t leave without doing this (The list of things to do before leaving your home)

If travel is in your future. This printable bundle will have you organized from the planning stages through the travel fun. How do we know? We have traveled around the world solo, as a couple, and most recently with baby/toddler. We didn’t just put together a list, we curated checklists using our personal experiences.


Happy Travels.


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